Regional Intermodal Transportation Center Study

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (SCCOG) has launched a study of transportation facilities in downtown New London with an eye towards creating a more seamless transportation hub for the region.

Funded with a $750,000 grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center Master Plan and Efficiency Study will examine transportation services currently serving the city and region. New London serves as a gateway to southeastern Connecticut for people arriving by trains, ferries and buses.

The study will focus on the Union Station area and nearby ferry facilities as well as the Fort Trumbull peninsula as an alternative transportation center site. Currently, Union Station provides a terminal for Amtrak and Shore Line East train passengers as well as passengers on inter-city and regional/local buses. The City of New London operates nearby parking facilities. Adjacent to Union Station nearby are active ferry service connections to Long Island, Block Island and Fishers Island. About 10 times a year cruise ships dock at the New London State Pier.

The study will develop a plan for better linkages among the various transportation services and identify opportunities for more housing and retail development nearby. Traffic circulation, parking and pedestrian access to the transportation center will be examined.

Study outcomes will include:

  • A recommendation on whether the existing transportation center should remain on or near its current site or move to the Fort Trumbull peninsula
  • An understanding of operational issues for providers of bus, train and ferry services and ways to solve them
  • A cost estimate of proposed improvements
  • An identification of housing, retail and office development opportunities that take full advantage of being located near transportation facilities
  • Identification of potential partnerships among all stakeholders in downtown New London

SCCOG has hired TranSystems to head up the study. Joining TranSystems will be the consulting firms of Basile Baumann Prost and Cole, Crosby/Schlessinger/Smallridge, Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. and URS. The project will be managed by SCCOG staff.  The consultant will work closely with a steering committee that will include representation from the transportation providers, downtown businesses, the City of New London, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and other stakeholders.

The public is encouraged to provide input to the study. The first of two public meetings will be held in early fall. Comments are welcomed throughout the study.